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Article on Meeting with Bobo Bear, the designer of the Bears and their friends

His name is Roberto, but you surely know him by the name of “Bobo Bear”. This artist is the creator of t-shirts and objects intended for the “Bear” community and those who love them. For, he reveals all his secrets…

How did you create this big community around your creations (30,000 subscribers on Instagram)?

It was done little by little. I was on vacation in Gran Canaria with friends. I only created one model of t-shirt. I started taking pictures of my friends with this t-shirt. I posted this on Instagram as if it was THE thing of the moment to have absolutely. I also asked strangers to pose with them, saying ” You’re cute, wouldn’t you like to pose with my t-shirt for my Insta account  ?”

It took a while, but one day my t-shirts went on sale in a boutique in Soho (the gay district of London). I also went to knock on the door of the “Bear” event organizers from several European countries to make my creations known to this community and sales took off.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating personalized “Bear” masks?

At first I did not want to create masks because I did not want to give the impression of taking advantage of the health crisis to make money. And then one day I thought it might be really cool to put the face of one of my characters on a mask as if it were a carnival mask. I shared it on my Instagram page just for fun and to get feedback from my subscribers. The reaction was incredible, everyone wanted one! I did not want to disappoint them because I told myself that in the current context it could make people smile.

What are your plans for the coming months knowing that most of the bear events have been canceled or postponed?

I had planned lots of trips to do the Pride world tour. I still hope to do the Winter Pride of November in Gran Canaria. But for now, I am in tele work as much. I manage online orders and it is myself who prepares the enveloping and sending of the masks. I miss not going out, not talking with my clients, some of whom have become friends. But I consider myself lucky to have been able to keep my business when so many people have lost their jobs.

Is there a Mr. Bear in your life?

Houlala  Yes! I have a darling. We met a year and a half ago in Gran Canaria. It is a long distance relationship because he lives in Italy near Venice and I in London. It is not easy, especially since confinement. It’s been three months since I last saw him. It’s hard. Besides, my first trip, as soon as possible, will be in Italy to find him. I really miss him !

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